Everyone needs support sometimes, that’s why we have collated a series of useful resources to help you find your way. Although you are brilliantly unique, it’s likely that someone has been in similar predicament before.


Community SupportComputer Audio Trouble?

If community support's the way you roll, check out the fabulous M-Audio and Alto Forums, perhaps someone has exactly the same question or issue.


Alto Community Forum

M-Audio Community Forum

If you’re a little more solitary and like to do your research, have a browse through the M-Audio Knowledge Base.


M-Audio Knowledge Base

M-Audio Driver Portal

Software & DriversNeed To Become An Expert? Fast?

Looking For The Latest Software and Drivers to go with your new M-Audio or Alto gear? Why not Take a trip to our software downloads page.


PAG Software Downloads

Then don't skip this step, take the time to get confident with your new gear, eventually you'll be able to show others.


PAG User Manuals Area


Still Can't Find What You're Looking For?

There are no stupid questions... in fact, these question are so insightful we have made special section for them. Take a look at our FAQ section below. Alternatively, you can ask a question of your own on our Contact Us page.




How do I install my copy of Ableton Live Lite

Alto Profesional

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Skunk Juice

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