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What's the Best MIDI Controller Keyboard for Beginners?

By Pro Audio Group 20 July 2017 298 Views
What's the Best MIDI Controller Keyboard for Beginners?

The M-Audio Keystation series

The light and compact size of this entire series is perfect if you’re planning to travel with your keyboard, with rugged designs that will withstand the test of time. Keystation keyboards are semi-weighted, which offer a fantastic playing sensation but also give a quicker response than hammer-action keys can.

Ideal for: Those looking to tour their keyboard around between gigs and other locations.

The M-Audio Oxygen series

The Oxygen series gives you options, and plenty of them. These keyboards play similarly to a full piano with their hammer-action keys and 3 pedal inputs. The Oxygen’s plug-and-play functionality with almost any DAW plus a huge range of assignable controls, pads and faders will open up a world of recording and mixing potential.

Ideal for: Those searching for a true ‘piano feel’ and plenty of programmable features.

The M-Audio Code Black series

Want even more control? With the Code Black series, you’ve got it in spades. Yes, the velocity and pressure-sensitive keys feel great to play, but what’s really exciting are the 16 assignable trigger pads, 8 assignable encoders and 9 each of faders and buttons that give you power over virtual instruments and DAW controls. The keyboard can be broken into 4 assignable zones to trigger different instruments. Also included is an X-Y touchpad that allows you to bring multi-dimensional quality to virtual instruments and effects.

Ideal for: Those wanting a professional level of power over assignable controls along with enjoyable playing.

A word on keyboard sizes

It feels like there are so many different sized of MIDI keyboards to choose from across all series. Your decision will ultimately depend on what you will be using the keyboard for most of the time. If you are playing live at venues you will probably want a full size but compact keyboard. If you’re playing at home and mostly playing it as you would a piano, then look to a full-sized option in every way. If you are searching for a portable and adaptable keyboard to create loops and use samples, then a 25 or 32 key model could be ideally suited. As with a lot of recording and audio equipment, if you think the model up might meet your future needs better then it could be worth spending a little extra now.

For help in choosing the best midi controller keyboard, speak with your nearest M-Audio dealer within Australia.