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The New M-Audio M3-8 Black Studio Monitors

By Pro Audio Group 5 October 2017 196 Views
The New M-Audio M3-8 Black Studio Monitors

Why the three-way design?

If you’ve read any of the M-Audio M3-6 or M2-8 reviews you’ll know that the brand has focused on a home studio monitor design that isn’t super portable or compact in size, but focuses completely on build and sound quality. M-Audio M3-8 speakers integrate an 8" woven Kevlar low-frequency driver, a 5" woven Kevlar mid-frequency driver and a 1" silk dome tweeter with integrated waveguide. Compared to a two-way design with the same input power, that addition of a sizeable midrange driver means greater sound and volume. The use of the midrange driver also means safer frequency crossover levels for your tweeter, minimising the risk of failure or burnout. What’s surprising about the M-8 is that it actually is compact for its three-way design, making it a practical and affordable choice even for a bedroom studio.

Look and feel of the M-Audio M3-8 speakers

We loved it in wood veneer and we love it in sleek black. The solid wood front baffle and vinyl-laminate cabinet ensures minimal vibrations, while the custom waveguide for the tweeter disperses sound so you catch all detail even when situated off axis. These speakers have a deceptively simple visual design, with the tweeter and waveguide situated at the centre of the midrange driver. This ensures both high and mid frequencies arrive at your ear-holes at exactly the same time, which as you know is vital when recording and mixing.

Expect clarity and comprehensive detail

The only true requirements for effective studio monitors are to create a clear and honest sound image for your mixing, and the M-Audio M3-8 monitors absolutely deliver on this. The low end is powerful if you need it to be, eliminating the need for a separate sub, while the smooth high range sits slightly back but can also be easily brought up with EQ adjustment. Sound is broad, both in frequency range and in a physical sense, thanks to the custom waveguide. Keep the M3-8s at least a good few inches away from walls as intended, and you’ll be delighted with the results.

Get your hands on your M-Audio M3-8 pair of studio monitors today through your local Pro Audio Group dealer.