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A Review of M-Audio HDH50 Headphones

By Pro Audio Group 3 August 2017 254 Views

The selection and purchasing of studio or DJ headphones is a highly personal process, and what works for some won’t be right for others. However, there are some options available that really do appeal to a wide number of people, and M-Audio headphones are amongst those options. If you’re looking for a professional, high definition set for live music or recording, here’s our M-Audio HDH50 review for your perusal.

Is an Alto Subwoofer Right for Me?

By Pro Audio Group 15 June 2017 313 Views

You may have already read an Alto subwoofer review or two so far, but is this series right for your playing needs? Let’s see how the specifications stack up across the Alto Truesonic series, and where these subwoofers can really prove their worth.

Buy a pair of Truesonic MK2 Powered Speakers and Get a Free Mixer

By Pro Audio Group 1 June 2017 375 Views

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Is it Time to Upgrade your Portable PA System?

By Pro Audio Group 26 April 2017 357 Views

How’s your current PA system faring? Are you feeling a little frustrated at the lack of power or by distortion that shouldn’t be there? If you find yourself setting up for bigger events and venues than you used to or are limited by the features of your current setup, ask yourself these questions to see if it’s time to upgrade.

Going Pro: Taking Your Backyard Band to the Next Level

By Pro Audio Group 29 March 2017 367 Views

Getting your band out of the garage and into paid gigs isn’t easy, but owning your own powered speakers and party lights gives you a better chance of success.

Retro DJ: Step Back in Time to Get Ahead

By Pro Audio Group 22 March 2017 348 Views

DJs sometimes need to perform music from the sixties, seventies and eighties. Create the mood of the era with your own wireless speakers and party lights.

Starting a Band? 5 Things You Need to Think About

By Pro Audio Group 15 March 2017 369 Views

When starting out, bands need to consider their musical style, gear such as powered speakers and a mixer, band politics and the business side of gigging.

How to Control Feedback in your Sound System

By Pro Audio Group 1 March 2017 297 Views

One minute everyone’s listening, dancing and happy, and the next minute it sounds like a screaming banshee has been let loose in the venue. We’re all familiar with the unpleasant rumbling, howling or screeching of acoustic feedback, but how do you stop it happening? Read on to find out.

Keeping your Sound Engineering Skills Up-To-Date

By Pro Audio Group 13 August 2015 655 Views

Sound engineers must be familiar with a range of equipment from powered speakers to synths. They also need to stay on top of developments in their field.

Choosing the Best DJ Lights for Your Gig

By Pro Audio Group 5 August 2015 684 Views

DJ lights play an important part in creating a mood. DJs need to have enough DJ lighting to be able to provide the right atmosphere for a particular gig.