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SpinTools, AI and Kado: Tomorrow's Digital DJ Tools?

By Pro Audio Group 12 April 2017 374 Views
SpinTools, AI and Kado: Tomorrow's Digital DJ Tools?

If you’re a digital DJ there are some pretty exciting technological advancements happening right now, as well as some inspired new products. Here are some of the newest digital DJ tools to check out now and in the coming months.

Beats by AI: Machine-assisted music composition

IBM’s artificial intelligence tool Watson has played Jeopardy, taught classes, and now it’s producing music alongside humans. When you produce a music sample and identify the tone you’re after, the Ai system uses complex music theory, structure and emotional cues to generate an entirely new song. Google is also working on a similar AI tool called Magenta that produces music, art and video.

So is AI any good at producing fresh beats? We’ve heard even a few notes from a nursery rhyme can produce a pretty decent rock ballad to pump from your wireless outdoor speakers. The potential of AI-assisted composition is huge, both for one off live performances and for curing a bad case of musician’s block.

SpinTools: A tailored library management tool for DJs

iTunes is easily one of the most popular music library tools used by DJs, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its fair share of frustrations. The soon-to-be-launched SpinTools software is being developed solely and directly for DJs to minimise those frustrations as well as swapping between different programs.

It will aim to help you organise your tracks, edit your cue points and loops, eliminate duplicates and sync across Serato and Traktor (with further applications to follow). One big feature will be the accumulation of data from your sets, from which you’ll be able to identify any missed tracks and identify repetitive ruts that you may unwittingly be falling into.

Kado: A digital music guide for track discovery

Kado is a new app that uses data aggregation from over 500,000 DJ sets to suggest tracks based on your personal taste and the songs you drag into the interface. You can preview, purchase and download directly from Beatport, iTunes and Juno within the platform.

Is it vital in a DJ’s tool set? Probably not, but it could be interesting to how it changes up your sets with its customised feed. If used right you could find some smooth new tracks and transitions. Kado is only available for Mac at this stage, and once your 30 day free trial is over you’ll pay a monthly subscription.

There’s still plenty of room for human creativity and composition, but we are genuinely excited to see where people will take music in the next few years using these tools. From wireless speakers in Australia to news on modern products, stay tuned to Pro Audio Group for the latest DJ tech.

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