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Searching for the Best Bluetooth Speaker for Your Gigs

By Pro Audio Group 22 February 2017 288 Views
Searching for the Best Bluetooth Speaker for Your Gigs

The choice of Bluetooth and wireless speakers on the market these days is entirely overwhelming, so it’s no wonder that it can be a struggle to make a selection! Take a look through our guide to asking the right questions when you’re looking for a wireless speaker system for your events.

The question of portability versus power

First of all you’ll need to decide just how portable you want your speakers to be. There’s a big difference between lugging 15 kilo speakers and a compact party solution if you’re booking two or three events every weekend. Generally the more portable the speaker you choose the more you may be compromising in sound quality, but these days performance has improved across the range.

If you’re looking to take your wireless speaker system to a wide variety of locations such as house parties and pop-up bars, then a compact and highly compatible option like the ION Bluetooth Explorer or the ION House Party might be the way to go. For professional event setup, you can’t go past the Alto Truesonic MK2 212W and 215W options. Although heavier to transport at over 12 kilos, this range of wireless outdoor speakers offers excellent range and clarity even in large spaces.

Is battery operation important?

The other portability question to ask is whether you need the option of battery power. Speakers such as the ION Bluetooth Explorer are made to be used either with AC power or running off its rechargeable battery, which in this case offers up to 50 hours of performance.

Will it be used within a PA system?

If your speakers will be used for announcements and speeches as well as music, then there are some features worth looking for. While the Alto Transport 12 isn’t Bluetooth enabled for music, it does feature a wireless microphone and a feature that will automatically lower music while an announcement is being made. All-in-one wireless speaker systems such as the ION Bluetooth Explorer come with a high quality microphone included so you know you’ll be able to set up in a matter of minutes. It’s worth thinking about the events your speakers will be used for and focus on the relevant functionality.

Consider Bluetooth range

The whole appeal of a wireless solution is that performers and announcers won’t be restricted by cords, but if you choose an inadequate speaker system you could find yourself being restricted by Bluetooth range instead. If you’re setting up events in the great outdoors or large venues then you’re likely to need a longer range for your wireless outdoor speakers. The Alto Truesonic MK2 offers excellent audio quality at up to 60 feet (over 18 metres), while the ION Bluetooth Explorer offers up to 100 feet (over 30 metres).

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