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Reviewing the M-Audio Studiophile AV42 Multimedia Speakers

By Pro Audio Group 17 August 2017 280 Views
Reviewing the M-Audio Studiophile AV42 Multimedia Speakers


As with the previous model, the AV42 is a two-way design. The 4" polypropylene-coated low frequency drivers have a high-temperature voice coil and the 1" silk cone tweeters result in a frequency range of 75 Hz to 20 kHz. OptImage IV waveguides are used to boost power without losing smoothness on mid or bass tones. These speakers are custom designed for studio use, and as such they offer an 1/8” auxiliary input for computers, tablets and phones as well as left and right RCA line inputs.

Look and feel

There’s been a design upgrade from the AV40 to the AV42, with the grill being removed in order to use the intricate waveguide for audio dispersion. Visually, we think it looks more sophisticated. The cabinets are solid MDF rather than plastic and this is demonstrated by improved sound quality and minimised resonance, while the new dimensions are slightly larger yet much lighter in weight than the AV40. All up, it’s a tidy and compact little studio set as with the previous model.

Ease of use

One of the favourite features in many M-Audio Studiophile AV42 reviews is that one speaker is passive while the other is active. That means only the active speaker needs to be plugged into your computer, simplifying your setup and any changes to that setup. The other plus is that the 1/8” mobile device and headphone inputs are located directly on the front of the speaker, creating instant and convenient connectivity. That can prove especially handy when clients are showing you voice demos or samples in a studio setting.

Sound quality

The Studiophile series of speakers has been created specifically for studio use, and the AV42 is proving popular with post-production houses as with home studio users. The compact speakers pump out a remarkably powerful sound that fills a room thanks to those new shiny waveguides, while the silk cone tweeters and drivers provide a clear and natural response across frequencies. While the 20 Watt power output won’t provide a booming bass to fill a stadium, you will have all the balance and transparency you need to perfect your audio projects in a studio setting.

With an RRP of $319.99, the M-Audio Studiophile AV42’s price is very fair for what is an excellent studio or desktop option.