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Is an Alto Subwoofer Right for Me?

By Pro Audio Group 15 June 2017 312 Views
Is an Alto Subwoofer Right for Me?

Where does the Alto Truesonic series sit in the market?

The Alto Truesonic series of powered subwoofers provide economical reliability, having been engineered for the best possible transparency for lower-frequency ranges. The 12”, 15” and 18” options are each designed to expand on the lower bass levels of the TS2 full-range speakers or your choice of speaker setup. All three models are built to last with a 18mm plywood enclosure and internal bracing, plus a 35mm mounting pole socket for flexibility in setting up.

The Alto Truesonic subs employ a passive cooling design instead of fans, and that means that these speakers run quieter and with excellent reliability in the long term with fewer moving parts. 625 watts of continuous output power and 1250 watts of peak power provides plenty of grunt for larger spaces. The series also features on-board limiting circuitry which provides protection against electronic clip, thermal and transducer overload, giving you peace of mind when you’re relying on your equipment for a show.

In terms of outlay the Alto Truesonic series sits in a similar bracket to their Behringer or Mackie Thump equivalents, providing fantastic value and power for the price. Any of the models within the series make an ideal option for your band jam room or DJing at small to mid-sized venues, particularly when paired with quality speakers.

Finally and most importantly, the sound. That solid power capability means great clarity and output with less distortion than might be found with a lesser subwoofer. These are solid and dependable performers that provide a clean and clear bass range.

How do the three models differ?

No matter how portable, powerful or flexible you need your entry-level subwoofer to be, the Truesonic range has an option to suit.


Driver size


Frequency Range

Alto Truesonic MK2 212S Sub

12” woofer and a 3” voice coil

20 kilograms

42–100 Hz (-10 dB)

Alto Truesonic MK2 215S Sub

15” high-excursion woofer

28.2 kilograms

35–95 Hz (-10 dB)

Alto Truesonic MK2 218S Sub

18” high-excursion woofer

32 kilograms

35–95 Hz (-10 dB)

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