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Introducing The M-Audio Code Black Keyboard Range

By Pro Audio Group 19 October 2017 125 Views
Introducing The M-Audio Code Black Keyboard Range

You’re completely in control

You have a massive range of buttons and pads at your disposal to assign and experiment with, as well as the semi-weighted keys. You can map and change the colour of the 16 trigger pads to kick off drum patterns, samples or any other instruction. Use the 9 faders, 9 buttons and 8 assignable 360 encoders to manipulate your DAW any way you see fit. You can also split the keyboard into up to four sections to suit your needs, including the ability to cross these zones over and trigger multiple instruments at once. This piece of equipment is a lot of fun.

Configuring the X/Y touchpad

A favourite feature of the Code range is the X/Y touchpad, which lets you play with plugins and samples in three different modes as per the M-Audio Code manual. In MIDI Note mode you can shift the characteristics of an individual note; in MIDI mode you can apply shifts to whatever parameter you set; and in HID mode you can control your computer cursor with the touchpad complete with left and right clicks.

Playing pleasure

You also get a beautiful piano keyboard to play when you choose either the Code Black 49 or 61, making it a popular choice for live gigs. Keys are semi-weighted and can be set up with aftertouch for further expression as you press harder on each key.

VIP3.0 and included software

Also included with the new M-Audio Code 61 and 49 is a free download of VIP3.0 along with Ableton Live Lite, Hybrid 3.0 and Loom by AIR Music Technology.

VIP3.0 integrates your hardware/software workflow and provides easy access to your entire collection of virtual instruments and sounds. Using Ableton Live Lite you can record audio and MIDI loops with up to eight tracks to create multi-dimensional songs. Hybrid 3.0 is a high-definition virtual synthesizer with over 1200 sounds built right in, while Loom by AIR Music Technology is a virtual instrument audio plugin.

All up, you will have every button, sound, virtual instrument and control you need to get started with the dark and moody new Code Black MIDI controller. Get your mitts on it soon through your local Pro Audio Group dealer.