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Getting Big Audio Production Quality on a Small Budget

By Pro Audio Group 19 April 2017 360 Views
Getting Big Audio Production Quality on a Small Budget

We don’t all have massive Metallica-sized budgets to record our music with, but the good news is you no longer need to. Production tech is rapidly becoming both cheaper and higher in quality across the board. Here, we take a look at production equipment that will give you big sound quality with excellent affordability.

Instruments to plug and record

The M-Audio Axiom Air Mini 32 USB keyboard and pad controller has to be one of the best ways to get started recording your own music digitally. A very reasonable outlay gets you 8 drum pads and 32 mini keys featuring velocity sensitivity. What does this mean? You can assign the standard drum, keyboard or any custom samples to these, then easily record tracks on your Mac or PC. The Air Mini is compact, affordable and best of all, it comes with a copy of M-Audio’s Ignite recording software that’s ridiculously easy to use with no initial configuration required.

If you’re looking to record your latest acoustic or prog-metal track, then look to the Ion Discover Guitar. You get an all-wood body, six string guitar that links straight to your computer via the included USB link cable. This baby comes with Guitar Rig LE software that allows you to choose from a huge number of amp and pedal effects to create big, bold sounds – even if you’re recording from your bedroom.

A computer-based interface

If you’re looking for an interface that is exceptionally easy to use yet produces a clear and professional sound, then the M-Audio M-Track series could provide the solution. Connect your choice of M-Track interface to your computer via the single USB cable, then link up your electric guitar or microphone and start recording using the included Ableton Live Lite software and bonus plugin effects. There’s a single, quad and eight-input option available to suit your setup.

Computer monitors that pack a punch

Of course, if you’re getting into home music production then you’ll be looking for some quality monitors for your computer or laptop. We like the M-Audio Studiophile monitors for all-round convenience, clarity and compatibility across all of your devices. The front headphone jack and 1/8" aux input make it incredibly easy to switch between music production and everyday listening, making them a great value speaker package.

All up, you shouldn’t need to spend too much to score yourself a decent setup for professional home music production. Find yourself an audio equipment specialist close to you, and you’ll soon find the right equipment for your needs.