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Optimising Your Home Studio Acoustics for Recording

By Pro Audio Group 3 May 2017 38 Views

It’s now easier than ever to get professional sound quality on a pretty modest budget at home, but you still need to pay attention to your set up. If you’re gearing up to record your own music using your M-Audio M-Track, take a second to think about your room acoustics so you can get the most out of your performance and your equipment.

Getting Big Audio Production Quality on a Small Budget

By Pro Audio Group 19 April 2017 44 Views

You don’t need to spend a lot to get great sound for your music production. Here’s how to maximise the bang for your buck when setting up your home studio.

What’s a Studio Monitor, and Do I Need One?

By Pro Audio Group 5 April 2017 41 Views

Studio monitor speakers do more than playback your tracks. They give you an accurate look into the elements of your mix so you can get a better sound.

Music Recording Made Simple

By Pro Audio Group 1 September 2015 261 Views

Recording music has never been easier, thanks to midi controllers and recording interfaces. With these you can create a home studio based around a laptop.