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Introducing The M-Audio Code Black Keyboard Range

By Pro Audio Group 19 October 2017 134 Views

Love the M-Audio Code range but not sure about its white keyboard design? As of 2017, the brand’s beloved MIDI keyboard controller range is now available in sleek, modern and ever-fashionable black. Choose from either the 49 or 61 key model with a veritable rainbow of features and functionality. Here are the top features in our M-Audio Code review.

The New M-Audio M3-8 Black Studio Monitors

By Pro Audio Group 5 October 2017 211 Views

Three-way powered monitors are often seen as expensive and unattainable, but M-Audio turns this on its head with their affordable M3-8 studio monitors. Now, you can choose studio speakers that suit the dark depths of your music-making cave with their new option in black.