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Alto Professional - Bluetooth Total

By Pro Audio Group 23 May 2017 151 Views
Alto Professional - Bluetooth Total

Bluetooth Total - The Power to Connect

Stream audio to ANY powered PA speaker with the new Bluetooth Total from Alto Professional. Play music from your Phone, tablet or iDevice via the BT totals bluetooth receiver and connect to your favourite powered speaker with its XLR connection.

But how is it Powered?

The Bluetooth total features a built in rechargeable battery which charges via the included USB cable, plus, battery life indicators let you know when it’s time to charge.

But my stuffs all Stereo!

No Problem link 2 BT totals together and connect them to each of your powered speakers, so you don’t need to run cable between speakers.

I’m coming in hot

Your iPhones paired up in and working, but Gosh, that’s a lot of signal. For just this reason, to avoid any nasty surprises the Bluetooth Total provides a 10db pad to tame that line level signal.

I could plug this into any XLR input right? Like a mixer for example?.

Clever you! Of course you can.