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Introducing The M-Audio Code Black Keyboard Range

By Pro Audio Group 19 October 2017 132 Views

Love the M-Audio Code range but not sure about its white keyboard design? As of 2017, the brand’s beloved MIDI keyboard controller range is now available in sleek, modern and ever-fashionable black. Choose from either the 49 or 61 key model with a veritable rainbow of features and functionality. Here are the top features in our M-Audio Code review.

The New M-Audio M3-8 Black Studio Monitors

By Pro Audio Group 5 October 2017 199 Views

Three-way powered monitors are often seen as expensive and unattainable, but M-Audio turns this on its head with their affordable M3-8 studio monitors. Now, you can choose studio speakers that suit the dark depths of your music-making cave with their new option in black.

M-Audio Keystation 88MK II Review

By Pro Audio Group 21 September 2017 277 Views

The Keystation series is known for its portability, rugged designs and easy connection to a range of DAWs, but is it what you’re looking for in a MIDI controller? Let’s look at the largest option in the series with a M-Audio Keystation 88 MK II review.

3 Mistakes When Setting Up Studio Monitors

By Pro Audio Group 8 September 2017 253 Views

As anyone who has set up a home studio will know, the wrong arrangement will result in unbalanced, distorted or unclear sound -­ and that can be a sure-fire disaster when you’re trying to record or mix. Here are the most common three mistakes to avoid when setting up your new active or passive studio monitors.

Reviewing the M-Audio Studiophile AV42 Multimedia Speakers

By Pro Audio Group 17 August 2017 265 Views

M-Audio has replaced the popular AV30 and AV40 models with brand new models, and the changes are rather exciting. Take a gander at our M-Audio Studiophile AV42 review to see whether these could be the next option for your studio or desktop environment.

A Review of M-Audio HDH50 Headphones

By Pro Audio Group 3 August 2017 244 Views

The selection and purchasing of studio or DJ headphones is a highly personal process, and what works for some won’t be right for others. However, there are some options available that really do appeal to a wide number of people, and M-Audio headphones are amongst those options. If you’re looking for a professional, high definition set for live music or recording, here’s our M-Audio HDH50 review for your perusal.

What's the Best MIDI Controller Keyboard for Beginners?

By Pro Audio Group 20 July 2017 279 Views

It’s incredible to see how responsive and flexible MIDI keyboards can be, even when buying on a modest budget. If you’re starting your search for the best MIDI controller keyboard for beginners, get to know these popular series from M-Audio that offer excellent value and performance.

Getting Started with the M-Audio Oxygen 49

By Pro Audio Group 6 July 2017 249 Views

We love the M-Audio Oxygen series of MIDI controller keyboards for their high quality, compatibility with popular software and super simple setup. If you’ve read the rave M-Audio Oxygen 49 reviews and have decided to make a purchase, here’s how to get started with your brand-new equipment.

Is an Alto Subwoofer Right for Me?

By Pro Audio Group 15 June 2017 296 Views

You may have already read an Alto subwoofer review or two so far, but is this series right for your playing needs? Let’s see how the specifications stack up across the Alto Truesonic series, and where these subwoofers can really prove their worth.

Buy a pair of Truesonic MK2 Powered Speakers and Get a Free Mixer

By Pro Audio Group 1 June 2017 360 Views

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