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Magnetic Tip Guitar Cable In Action

High quality musical instrument accessories from ZZYZX cables & FZONE technologies

When you’re looking for high quality accessories, you can’t go past the new snap-jack guitar cables. These provide speaker protection for amps and speakers, and enable quick changes without the pop and crackle. The jack is separate from the cable, and is plugged into the input jack on your guitar. The jack connects to the cable with a powerful magnet fixture that’s designed to disengage only by snapping the connection sideways – it won’t pull off. For added security, there is a cylindrical safety sheath that fits over the join. We also have a full range of other accessories from FZONE Technologies – tuners, capos, music LEDs, and more

Get the latest Ion audio Lights and Accessories

An innovative company that was formed in 2003, Ion’s brief was to take the audio and visual experience from old school predictability to the very extremes of what is technically possible. Whether you want to enhance your experience of listening to your vinyl collection, or maximise the sound effects of your favourite games, come and see what can be achieved with Ion technology. They offer the latest options in sound technology that can elevate any audio experience.

The New look Alto Professional

After a change of ownership in 2010, Alto professional underwent some incredible internal changes and their traditional designs were put aside in favour of a completely different design philosophy. Today, their powered speaker range has been the top selling speaker in the US on several occasions and Alto is recognised as one of the Music communities foremost live sound brands and is installed in countless live venues, cafés , clubs and rehearsal rooms.